Senin, 02 Maret 2009

Qualified Bedroom Make The emotions awake

Sleeping often equated with the activities of a sluggard. In fact, activity in the bed, many processes are useful for the development of someone's body and emotions occur. With a note to sleep in quality and does not exceed the limit.

Dr, Andreas Prasaja, a sleep scientist explains, at sleep Rapid Eye Movemen t (REM) sleep or dream, sleep is the stage when cognitive ability, mental and emotional, and continue to be developed.

"At the time of REM sleep that kecedasan, accuracy, creativity and mood, and someone will be developed," explained.

In addition, in the theory of psychoanalysis that have called the dream analysis. Frued Sigmund, a prominent psychoanalysis, dream states as the channel. Through the dreams, emotions, emotions that can not be distributed in the real world can expresed, Andreas clear.

"There is a research conducted on soldiers in the United States. The accuracy of the gun when they drop their less REM sleep," said Andreas.

The research done on young pajurit physical condition is very fit. In these studies, the regular activity in the afternoon as usual. Night, they go to sleep laboratory.

From the data found, the needs of adults sleep for 8 hours. After research is complete, the soldiers continue to maintain sleep habits, because they feel much more happy, productive, and intelligent.

Other research in the United States shows, pullback school students back into the ninth, making their learning achievement is also increased sports performance. The number of teenage mischief also down, clearly Andreas. This is because the more children a break.

Then how do you sleep well or the quality? According to Andreas, sleep well when the meet with eight quality is good too. Sleep or a good quality is also marked with a sense of shape when sleeping awake. "When you stay fresh all day, then the quality of sleep is good," said Andreas.

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