Senin, 02 Maret 2009

Multi Orgasme man, longed for Women

When related agencies, of course the most desired of each pair is reached climax. Usually men tend to be tired after reaching orgasme. Unlike the women who can orgasme many times.

But now, you can achieve multi orgasme. Namely, orgasme repeatedly without you having ejaculation. If you want to learn how to train themselves in order to achieve multi orgasme, not only you will be pleased and happy, your partner is not less happy, because the resistance and bravery you.

Some of the men to experience the practice orgasme without ejakulasi with interesting penisnya few seconds before ejakulasi (coitus interuptus). They relate back if the level of sexual excite slightly decreased. You can train this ability while onani when you focus solely on the stimulus.

Mr P shortly before orgasme to make a sexual relationship lasted longer. And while almost reached orgasme, remove Mr. P. Then re-enter Mr. P less inflame your time, and you can control the level excite that way.

To further facilitate you, note the following simple techniques:

First, when you are sexually related, use of varied patterns of movement, do not monoton.

Second, stop moving when you almost reach the orgasme.

Third, the delay ejakulasi with muscle strain pubokoksigeus, and continue the movement slowly.

Finally, almost every time you reach the orgasme, tighten muscles pubokoksigeus (PC) to prevent it. You will have a sensation orgasme, although more because difus without ejaculation.

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