Senin, 02 Maret 2009

Found, Virus Causes Skin Cancer

Experts long enough to learn what actually causes skin cancer. And now''the researchers from the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute''in the United States believe they have found. Is a DNA virus that is in the 80% tumor cells Merkell - called Merkel Cell Polymavirus (MCV) - the cause. This cell genome integrates in the tumor itself. Experts suspect the virus was shut because of the protein causes the cancer or genes that pressing tumor growth. "The information we obtain may be able to lead the examination of blood or a vaccine to improve the handling of disease prevention and help," said Dr. Patrick Moore, who with colleagues published the findings in the journal Science.

Merkell cell carcinoma developed from a specific nerve cells that react to touch or pressure. Current was increased threefold in the last 20 years, and now there are as many as 1500 cases per year in the United States. Some 50% of patients advanced disease live nine months or less.

The virus causes cancer is the most famous human papillomavirus, or HPV, which can lead to cervix cancer and become the target of the vaccine two new anti-cancer, Cervatix and Gardasil, from Merck & Co Inc and GlaxoSmithKline Plc. Kaposi`s sarcoma. Kaposi `s sarcoma. Dangerous conditions on the most common AIDS patients and the most common cancer in Africa also caused by a virus.

Toilet nest so the disease

Design of public toilets in Indonesia, which has not been standardized at least 10 potential causes of disease can attack the users.

"Many toilet built without following the standardization that have been defined by WHO so that the government put down the ranking of RI in Vietnam in terms of sanitation, public toilets," said Naning S Adiningsih Adiwoso, Chairman of the Indonesian Toilet Association.

Healthy Kids, Smart Kids

I heard about this principal, Dr. Yvonne Sanders-Butler, who started this program: Healthy Kids Smart Kids in her school. She had been overweight most of her life and she went through a 12 step program to lose the weight. She looked around at the kids at her school and knew she had to do something. She met with her staff and they were all on board. She spent her own money and had a fitness expert and nutritionist come in.

Every morning every child must dance or move in some way to get some physical exercise before their day starts. They are also eating very healthy diets with no processed sugars and more salads, fruits and veggies and not so much of processed food. They are a sugar free zone school. The only one in the country so far.

Dr. Yvonne Sanders-Butler wrote a book called Healthy Kids Smart Kids and she has a website:

Dr. Sanders-Butler is the principal for Browns Mill Elementary and you can see her passion as she was talking about the healthy changes she has made for herself and her school. Her kids are benefiting from this. They have less ADD and ADHD kids and better academics.

I firmly believe nutrition effects learning, behavior and all kids of other issues. When I eat junk, I just want to sleep and it is hard to think. When I am putting healthier foods in my body, I feel better. I am more energentic!

I thought this person should be recognized so I wanted to highlight her on my blog. I love her passion and her willingness to change the lives of these kids. I think one reason I am so persistent in my kids eating healthy is because I was over weight as a child and I never wanted my kids to go through that. I wanted them to have a healthy lifestyle. I think Husband and I are giving them that.

Acne and Pregnancy

Pimples and other skin eruptions are hallmark of acne vulgaris or acne. This is sometimes chronic condition of the face, back, chest, neck, shoulders, and other areas of the body, which encompasses blackheads, whiteheads, and raised red blemishes with semisolid centers. Acne usually begins around puberty and peaks at age 18 years. However, in some instances, it can occur for the first time between the ages of 20 and 40. Also, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience acne breakouts during pregnancy or later

Multi Orgasme man, longed for Women

When related agencies, of course the most desired of each pair is reached climax. Usually men tend to be tired after reaching orgasme. Unlike the women who can orgasme many times.

But now, you can achieve multi orgasme. Namely, orgasme repeatedly without you having ejaculation. If you want to learn how to train themselves in order to achieve multi orgasme, not only you will be pleased and happy, your partner is not less happy, because the resistance and bravery you.

Some of the men to experience the practice orgasme without ejakulasi with interesting penisnya few seconds before ejakulasi (coitus interuptus). They relate back if the level of sexual excite slightly decreased. You can train this ability while onani when you focus solely on the stimulus.

Mr P shortly before orgasme to make a sexual relationship lasted longer. And while almost reached orgasme, remove Mr. P. Then re-enter Mr. P less inflame your time, and you can control the level excite that way.

To further facilitate you, note the following simple techniques:

First, when you are sexually related, use of varied patterns of movement, do not monoton.

Second, stop moving when you almost reach the orgasme.

Third, the delay ejakulasi with muscle strain pubokoksigeus, and continue the movement slowly.

Finally, almost every time you reach the orgasme, tighten muscles pubokoksigeus (PC) to prevent it. You will have a sensation orgasme, although more because difus without ejaculation.

Qualified Bedroom Make The emotions awake

Sleeping often equated with the activities of a sluggard. In fact, activity in the bed, many processes are useful for the development of someone's body and emotions occur. With a note to sleep in quality and does not exceed the limit.

Dr, Andreas Prasaja, a sleep scientist explains, at sleep Rapid Eye Movemen t (REM) sleep or dream, sleep is the stage when cognitive ability, mental and emotional, and continue to be developed.

"At the time of REM sleep that kecedasan, accuracy, creativity and mood, and someone will be developed," explained.

In addition, in the theory of psychoanalysis that have called the dream analysis. Frued Sigmund, a prominent psychoanalysis, dream states as the channel. Through the dreams, emotions, emotions that can not be distributed in the real world can expresed, Andreas clear.

"There is a research conducted on soldiers in the United States. The accuracy of the gun when they drop their less REM sleep," said Andreas.

The research done on young pajurit physical condition is very fit. In these studies, the regular activity in the afternoon as usual. Night, they go to sleep laboratory.

From the data found, the needs of adults sleep for 8 hours. After research is complete, the soldiers continue to maintain sleep habits, because they feel much more happy, productive, and intelligent.

Other research in the United States shows, pullback school students back into the ninth, making their learning achievement is also increased sports performance. The number of teenage mischief also down, clearly Andreas. This is because the more children a break.

Then how do you sleep well or the quality? According to Andreas, sleep well when the meet with eight quality is good too. Sleep or a good quality is also marked with a sense of shape when sleeping awake. "When you stay fresh all day, then the quality of sleep is good," said Andreas.