Senin, 02 Maret 2009

Healthy Kids, Smart Kids

I heard about this principal, Dr. Yvonne Sanders-Butler, who started this program: Healthy Kids Smart Kids in her school. She had been overweight most of her life and she went through a 12 step program to lose the weight. She looked around at the kids at her school and knew she had to do something. She met with her staff and they were all on board. She spent her own money and had a fitness expert and nutritionist come in.

Every morning every child must dance or move in some way to get some physical exercise before their day starts. They are also eating very healthy diets with no processed sugars and more salads, fruits and veggies and not so much of processed food. They are a sugar free zone school. The only one in the country so far.

Dr. Yvonne Sanders-Butler wrote a book called Healthy Kids Smart Kids and she has a website:

Dr. Sanders-Butler is the principal for Browns Mill Elementary and you can see her passion as she was talking about the healthy changes she has made for herself and her school. Her kids are benefiting from this. They have less ADD and ADHD kids and better academics.

I firmly believe nutrition effects learning, behavior and all kids of other issues. When I eat junk, I just want to sleep and it is hard to think. When I am putting healthier foods in my body, I feel better. I am more energentic!

I thought this person should be recognized so I wanted to highlight her on my blog. I love her passion and her willingness to change the lives of these kids. I think one reason I am so persistent in my kids eating healthy is because I was over weight as a child and I never wanted my kids to go through that. I wanted them to have a healthy lifestyle. I think Husband and I are giving them that.

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